Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Semana ciento uno!

Week 101 of 102 1/2 (8/17-8/23)

Wha da go on?

This last week was really awesome! We saw a lot of miracles and blessings from the work we have done and because people had been prepared.

First of all, last Monday we got the opportunity to head way out in our area with the rest of the district to visit the property of one of the members of the ward, who was nice enough to give us food and take on a tour of the jungle. It was a really fun activity and it was awesome to get the chance to appreciate the natural beauty of Belize.

Wednesday was action packed as well. Our zone had interviews with president Hintze. It is always a great privilege to get to talk with president Hintze and I learned a lot from him. After we got the chance to work with Elder Coates, who is one of the assistants in El Salvador. Apparently, they sent the assistants over here to Belize to learn from the way we do missionary work. Elder Coates is a great missionary and we had a ton of fun. We also had a lot of success. We invited everyone to repent and be baptised.

Friday, we did interchanges with other missionaries in Belmopan so we could get some interviews done. I had the opportunity to work with Elder Valverde from Ecuador. We had a great experience and we met a lot of great people. I also had the chance to do an interview. I love interviews because they are always a great spiritual experience.

Speaking of spiritual experiences, another great experience was Justin s baptism on Saturday! It was really awesome to see the change in him from when we first met him to now. It is also awesome to see his increasing willingness to follow Christ. After the baptism the branch had a sports night and we got to play futball for a lee bit. It was a great day.

Sunday was a bit crazy, but in the end Justin got confirmed. After church, we taught an awesome family that has one of the most sincere desires to know if what we teach is true. I really hope to see them progress and to go to the district conference next Sunday.

Anways, awesome week, this week will be great as well.

Elder Vierkant

Gotta love the tan line!!

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