Saturday, August 15, 2015

Semana noventa y nueve!

Week 98 of 101 (8/03-8/09)


I am trying to start this email without using any generic greetings or introductions, but it is just too hard. I hope you all appreciate irony, because this week was full of it.

The most notable event was Sunday during gospel principles class. Elder Ellis and I were teaching about family responsibilities and were discussing the individual roles in the homes. As we began to teach about the responsibilities of the mother at home, I looked at who was in our class. We, two twenty year old young men, were teaching 6 or 7 experienced mothers the responsibilities of a mother. Oh, I couldn't help but laugh. It definitely made the class much more interesting.

Other things that happened this week: we met a lot of prepared people while contacting referrals and just talking with everyone we met. One of the greatest is Carlos. He lives in a village called Camalote, a pretty far bike ride from where we normally are. We met him contacting and we set a return appointment and invited him to church. Last Sunday we past by to take him to church, but we didn't see him. When we returned to visit him on Wednesday, it turns out he had been waiting for us but he was waiting in a different place than we had expected and had gone out at the wrong time. But he immediately committed himself to go to church again and he decided that he wanted to get baptised! He said that when he makes decisions, he is very strong about it and that was really something that he wanted to do. It is amazing to see how the Lord puts prepared people in your way.

We are doing great and working hard. Elder Ellis got a little bit sick but we still got a lot done, even though we had to stay home a few times.

Uhhh, that's all folks!

Elder Vierkant


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