Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Semana noventa y siete!

Week 96 of 101 (7/20-7/26)


So I will get right to it. My new companion is none other than Elder Ellis! Now that was a surprising change, considering we were already companions one change in Santa Elena. It has been really cool to have an old companion again because you can see how much people can change in just a short amount of time. We were only separated for 3 months, but he has become an even better missionary during that short amount of time.

Other things that happened this week: I went on interchanges with Elder Valverde, who is from Ecuador. He just got to Belize from El Salvador. He speaks really good English for having learned it in high school. We had the chance to talk about my first area, Central, because he started his mission there as well. He told me some of the stories that the members had told him about my time there. It was funny to hear the stories from their point of view. It was also great to hear how they are all doing.

This week we spent our time biking out to really far part of our area. It is up hill, 5 or six miles away from our house. It seems to be worth it though because there are some pretty positive investigators there. Also, I think I might have the stamina to be a professional cyclist when I get home. So there's that.

I had a great week this week. I hope everyone is happy.


Elder Vierkant

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