Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Semana noventa y cinco!

Week 94 of 101 (7/06-7/12)


Considering the limited amount of time that we had to work this week, Elder Stone and I had a great week this week.

On Tuesday I went on interchanges with Elder Goodman so he could od an interview for Florita. Right Before the interview, we had a great lesson with her and President Gomez. She was super happy and excited, and a bit nervous. Later on, at night, we were riding around the wealthier part of our area going to a recent converts house, when Elder Goodman suddenly pulled over and decided we should knock on a door. I was a bit hesitant, but we went over to the door and knocked anyways. We waited a few minutes before the door was opened and we met a man named Bruce. turns out Bruce is super nice! He has been to the United States and he knows Salt Lake. We talked a bit about families. He was super great and invited us to come back over a different night.

On Wednesday, we had a leadership meeting in Belize City. Normally we do the meeting in the morning, but in El Salvador they had had a meeting with Elder Ochoa of the Area presidency, so the Skype call was later on in the day. It was a great meeting and I learned a lot about how to follow the Spirit and our potential as a mission.

Thursday my companion and I went to The U.S. Embassy, which is in our area. There we waited for the mission president and Elder Ochoa and their wives. It was interesting passing through security and entering the embassy because we felt like we were entering back into the United States. When the others arrived, we were escorted to a meeting room, where we got to meet with the U.S. ambassador. It was a really great meeting. We had the opportunity to present what we do as a church and as missionaries. We talked a lot about service and the projects we have done in the past as well as what is happening in the future. I learned a lot. It was interesting to see how people notice what we do. They know who we are and what we do as missionaries. we really do represent the Lord. After the meeting, we did splits while my companion went to get his final interview from President Hintze. I went with Elder Castillo to pick people up in a bus that took us all to San Ignasio where we had a fireside with Elder Ochoa.

Friday we spent the day in Belize city for a meeting with all the missionaries and Elder Ochoa. It was really great training. I feel like it was really directed towards me. It helped me to realize what I can do to have the Spirit more in my teaching.

Saturday was the baptism for Florita! It was a bit crazy because the water stopped working before the font was full and then she told me right before that she wanted me to baptize her. But, once it started, it was a great spiritual experience. After the baptism, I had to go do an interview in the other elders area for the baptism that they had Sunday morning.

I don't have any more time, but I hope you all know that I am keeping my self busy and that I am happy and healthy.

Elder Vierkant

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