Thursday, July 31, 2014

Semanas cuarenta y tres, cuarenta y cuatro, y cuarenta y cinco!

Week 43

To whom it might concern,

This week was exciting and relaxed at the same time.

First of all, this week were changes. The two from Sonsonate both left and they brought 2 new sisters. Hermana Chant came from Belize and is training Hermana Lindstrom from California. Some Elder from the other district left, which was sad because they were cool. Then, on Sunday, Hermana Mims had emergency changes because she is pretty sick.
Other than that we have been trying to find new investigators. We have been talking with everyone we can in the street in between lessons. It is really awesome to see the Lord guide you as you look for people to teach. It is also very interesting to see how the Lord has prepared people. A lot of the people who we have found who want to know more about the Gospel have talked to missionaries before, but the other times they just decided to not investigate the church. But those other chances have left seeds in peoples hearts and eventually they decide that they want to know more.

An example of this is Miguel Angle and his family. We were walking down the street and I saw a man sitting on the curb and I felt the impression to talk to him. Sadly, we kept walking but I promised myself that if we walked by again, we would talk to him. Our appointment fell through and we had to walk past him again. This time, I went and sat by him and we started talking. Turns out he was super ready for the gospel and now has gone to church and really excited. The funny thing is that we had contacted the house were he lives multiple times before, but they never wanted to learn anything.

I know this is the Lord´s work and I know He directs it.

Peace out,

Elder Vierkant

Week 44


This week was pretty average, in terms of crazy things happening.

Carlos, the brother of Yamileth said he wanted to be baptized but he didn´t go to church this week. It was really disappointing because we were with him enroute in the bus to go to church but when it came time to get off and go to the chapel, he and his brother in law kept going for Sonsonate. Alfredo, who really wants to know more about the church, didn´t come to church either because his leg is still super messed up from when he got hit by a car a few weeks ago.

We did interchanges with the Zone leaders and The other Elders In our ward this week. I like going with Elder Alverez because he works hard and he is fun to be around. I did another baptismal interview for the Zone leaders. We also found a super positive Evangelical while we were on interchanges, which is super strange but he was a really cool guy, he even gave us soda.

I really am 100% sure that obedience with exactness brings miracles and I know that God will bless us more than he already does if we strive to keep all of his commandments, great or small, even if we don´t exactly understand the reason they exist. We are all Gods children and we all receive blessings, but based on our obedience we may receive more than we already have.

Elder Vierkant

P.S. I forgot my camera cord so no pictures this week.


Qué honda?

I am writing with and English keyboard with the computer set in Spanish so please for give any puntuation errors that occur as a result of the keys not being as they seem.

This week was pretty good. On Monday we played soccer. Me faltaba mucho. I missed playing a ton. There is a super nice field in my area and there are always teams playing full field and I always want to go play with them.

Tuesday I had to go to San Salvador with Elder Lupérdiga from Peru because we had to go to the District leader meeting with President Hintze. It was super motivating and I learned a lot, especially about doing baptismal interviews. Also, there is always the bonus of free food. We got back early and we went looking for our companions. They weren´t where they were suppose to be so we ended up searching for them for two hours.

Wednesday was super cool because we found someone named Dinora that is super positive and understands a lot of what we teach her, which a key factor. The only problem is that she just recently found a job, which is hard, and she works Sundays. But she is going to see what she can do to get time off.

Thursday had zone meeting and district meeting and ordered Pizza Hut to the church afterwards. Then one of the assistants came with us in our area for an hour and a half. It was kind of annoying because all of our appointments feel through.

Friday we got caught in a giant tropical storm when were teaching in some houses made of corrugated metal down by the river. It was super cool, cool because it was dark with a ton of lighting and thunder with the palm trees wiping around in the wind. It felt like we were in a movie.

Saturday was similar. We played ping pong with and then taught an investigator. While we were teaching him a storm kicked up and the power went out after the rain had died down we went out side and found out that a lot of trees and branches had fallen, but luckily no one got hurt.

Sunday Salvador came to church. Hopefully he can start to stop some of his vices and start to change his life. He seems like he wants it, he just makes bad decisions with his friends. We ended up finding a ton of news this week, which is something we really needed. Hopefully they can start coming to church soon.

An investigator this week was talking to us about predestination. I feel like that is such a sad way to believe. Really, it doesn´t matter what you do, it just matters if God chooses you. That completely negates all that Christ has done for us. I know that God loves all of his children and he wants them to all come back to Him, but he also doesn´t take away our free agency. I am glad to have the hope the restored Gospel brings to my life.

Elder Vierkant

Lidership meeting with Elder Lupérdiga and Elder Steenhoek
Me and Perry

Eatting Pizza at Prestos with the Zone

Me and Angel

Me and Angel

Me and hermano Transito in an abandoned catholic orphanage


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Semanas cuarenta y uno y cuarenta y dos!

Week 41

This week was super cool. This Monday we went and visited a waterfall in another area in our zone. It was less that the waterfall was really cool and more that it was a waterfall in a giant canyon that had been carved our by a river and it had a really cool jungle feel to it. We then went to eat at a members house who is from Arizona and spends 6 months in El Salvador because his wife is from here. HIs name is Lee Whok or is known in Boy Scouts as trader lee.

This week we had two baptisms. One was Marta and the other and was Yami. I organized a double wedding. I will explain more next week. We have to go to San Salvador today so we have limited time.

Elder Vierkant

Week 42

Hello there,

Another week gone and I still don´t know where they are going or why they are going so fast. This week...

As a zone we are really focusing in on three things, and they have brought a lot of success in our zone. We have three main focuses: teaching the people who are the most positive and visiting them every day, helping new converts to become strong as well as a way to find other people to teach and the other focus is finding news. I have to say up to this point has worked really well. We just need to continue being diligent and being obedient.

So last week Yami and Marta both got baptized, Marta on Saturday and Yami on Sunday. I am so happy for Marta because we have worked for a long time to help her be prepared. My companion also got his first chance to baptize. He struggled a bit but all that matters is that in the end she got the ordinance done correctly. Yami had to get married. That was super hectic but it turned out really well.

This week we have been helping the Transito and Martas family learn everything that they need to be fully active member and they are doing really well. They have been helping us a ton with the missionary work and I have to say I really love this family. It has been such a great experience to get to know them.

This week I ended up doing interchanges with the other Elders in the district twice for a couple reasons but it turned out well. We had some really good lessons and I learned a lot with them. Elder Alverez is from the Dominican Republic and is crazy and super funny. Elder Ford is from California and is more relaxed but funny also. He is also really into music.

This week I have really learned a lot of patience and love. If you don´t have these two attributes, it is really hard to have success working with people. Some times when I start to feel impatient with people or I start to think bad about them for stuff they do, I like to stop and take a second and wonder how Christ must feel when we continually make mistakes and we are continually so proud. It really puts into perspective that no matter what we do, he is waiting for us to leave behind this pride and is ready to accept us with arms wide open. Alma 5:33

Peace out,

Elder Vierkant

Jungle Waterfall

The presidents house

4th of July lunch at the only semi real burger place around here.