Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Semanas cuarenta y uno y cuarenta y dos!

Week 41

This week was super cool. This Monday we went and visited a waterfall in another area in our zone. It was less that the waterfall was really cool and more that it was a waterfall in a giant canyon that had been carved our by a river and it had a really cool jungle feel to it. We then went to eat at a members house who is from Arizona and spends 6 months in El Salvador because his wife is from here. HIs name is Lee Whok or is known in Boy Scouts as trader lee.

This week we had two baptisms. One was Marta and the other and was Yami. I organized a double wedding. I will explain more next week. We have to go to San Salvador today so we have limited time.

Elder Vierkant

Week 42

Hello there,

Another week gone and I still don´t know where they are going or why they are going so fast. This week...

As a zone we are really focusing in on three things, and they have brought a lot of success in our zone. We have three main focuses: teaching the people who are the most positive and visiting them every day, helping new converts to become strong as well as a way to find other people to teach and the other focus is finding news. I have to say up to this point has worked really well. We just need to continue being diligent and being obedient.

So last week Yami and Marta both got baptized, Marta on Saturday and Yami on Sunday. I am so happy for Marta because we have worked for a long time to help her be prepared. My companion also got his first chance to baptize. He struggled a bit but all that matters is that in the end she got the ordinance done correctly. Yami had to get married. That was super hectic but it turned out really well.

This week we have been helping the Transito and Martas family learn everything that they need to be fully active member and they are doing really well. They have been helping us a ton with the missionary work and I have to say I really love this family. It has been such a great experience to get to know them.

This week I ended up doing interchanges with the other Elders in the district twice for a couple reasons but it turned out well. We had some really good lessons and I learned a lot with them. Elder Alverez is from the Dominican Republic and is crazy and super funny. Elder Ford is from California and is more relaxed but funny also. He is also really into music.

This week I have really learned a lot of patience and love. If you don´t have these two attributes, it is really hard to have success working with people. Some times when I start to feel impatient with people or I start to think bad about them for stuff they do, I like to stop and take a second and wonder how Christ must feel when we continually make mistakes and we are continually so proud. It really puts into perspective that no matter what we do, he is waiting for us to leave behind this pride and is ready to accept us with arms wide open. Alma 5:33

Peace out,

Elder Vierkant

Jungle Waterfall

The presidents house

4th of July lunch at the only semi real burger place around here.

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