Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Semanas treinta y ocho, treinta y nueve años, y cuarenta!

Week 38

Tengan un buen dia todos,

This week was pretty cool. We found a lot of new investigators who were pretty positive, although we weren´t able to bring any of them to church. One of them, Ricardo, is a super cool dude. He is super funny when we are just talking to him normally but when we taught him about Joseph Smith and The Book of Mormon, he was super interested and listened intently. The best part is that he understood every thing and is really excited to find out if it is true by praying! It is always super cool to teach him.

My companion is doing pretty good for his first week. He is really learning how to teach the Restauracion (I can´t spell it in English any more) well. We planned how we were going to teach it at the beginning of the week and then ended up teaching it probably 20 times during the week.

This Sunday was finally just normal, in that nothing crazy happened. Cindy and Catia were in church and I am super excited for their baptisms this weekend!

Until next week,

Elder Vierkant

Week 39

¿Qué tal?

This week was off the wall nuts. I really feel like it flew by like a bat in the night.

Tuesday I went on intercambios with Elder Ford. His area is super small compared to all the other areas I have been in. Luckily, we found out that there is a whole colonia in their area that they didn´t know about, which should help them find a bunch of new people to teach.

Wednesday we had to go to San Salvador for immigration for my companion. They had changed spots, so we ended up having to search a bit to find the building but it was on the other side of the block so it wasn´t so hard to find it. Afterwards we went and got McDonalds with Elder Naillon, Elder Applegate and Elder Anderson. After 9 months of not eating McDonalds and 3 months of just eating beans and papusas, it was amazing! The bad part of the trip is that we ended up getting home pretty late because San Salvador is so far away. We were super rushed to get stuff done.

Thursday we had a multizone. The president came and taught us a little bit but we spent most of the time learning about the new heath care system and then about dengue prevention. I think dengue is the same as west nile virus but I am not completely sure. But apparently if you get it twice you have to get sent to another mission or something so now I am sleeping with a mosquito net at night. But this meeting took a long time and we ended up being pretty rushed again to visit all of our appointments.

Friday was pretty normal, all though some of our plans got ruined for the day and so we ended up winging it, which worked out OK. Cindy and Katia had their baptismal interviews today. They are the coolest family.

Saturday was super nuts. We had the baptism at 6 but we got their early and found a ton of dirty water so we had to drain it and fill it up again. Then all the people took for ever to come, (punctuality isn´t a big thing here) and then President Hintze showed up right as everything was ready. Just after he got there, everyone showed up and the baptism went well. I am super duper happy for them. the two of them were super prepared and we just had to be there to help them along the way a little bit.

Sunday was pretty normal, we worked hard and had a pretty good day.

I love you all, have a good week

Elder Vierkant

Week 40

Pasen un buen dia todos,

Well, just another crazy week in El Salvador. I don´t know if it is living in El Salvador or being a missionary, but things are crazy here.

This Monday we celebrated Hermana Escobars birthday and my companions 24th birthday. We had a piñata and chocolate cake. I forgot how good chocolate cake is. I don´t think I even liked it that much before... Afterwards we went and had a family home evening in with the Santa Maria family. It went really well. Everything else kind of fell through.

Tuesday we met somebody who believes in another prophet from America. It was really interesting to talk with him but we couldn't´t get any where with the sharing the gospel with him, so that was a lame.

Wednesday was just crazy. First, we had to go to San Salvador again for the new missionary meeting. We got up at 5:00 and got there at about 8. We ate breakfast there and then we went to the chapel right next to the temple. There, we had a meeting with president and the assistant's. The whole meeting was to comfort the news and to make sure that we were doing what we were suppose to during training. Afterwards we went straight home to do interchanges with the zone leaders. We got there at about 2:30, just in time for me to do a interview for a baptism. After that we went and met investigators of the two pairs of sisters. With the second investigator I did another interview. Between the two inter views I was interviewing for about 2 and half hours. After that we finally went and taught a few more people in the zone leaders area.

Thursday was pretty normal. We had zone and district meeting and ate pizza afterwards. We also found and inactive family with help from a member. They seem pretty cool and I know our visits will help them a lot.

Friday we found a really cool guy named Miguel Angel (I swear half the people are named that here, that or Edwin). He owns a business selling corn on the cob at carnivals. He listens really intently and helped us teach to his nephew when he didn´t understand what we were explaining.

Saturday we had an activity in the church. All the missionaries in my ward had to put on a skit and in the morning we wrote one about the Plan of Salvation. It turned out really well. A lot of investigators came and they all liked it, is great.

Sunday was great! Want to know why? Because the wife of Transito said she wants get baptized this Saturday!! Yes! After 3 months of working with here I am super incredibly happy. I know for a fact that it will bless her life. It also gave me a great testimony of prayer. We prayed to know the date she would get baptized and we KNEW she would and could be ready by the 28th. She seemed like a stone, but I know with a lot of prayers, from me and others, she was finally able to say " Yes."  Now we just need the actual ordinance to take place. We visited Miguel Angel and his wife with his nephew and niece. We taught them about Joseph Smith and now they are super excited to go to church this next Sunday. They were even asking me if their bibles where Okay to bring.

Peace out,

Elder Vierkant

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