Thursday, March 5, 2015

Semana setenta y seis!

Week 76 of 101 (2/23-3/01)


Alright, to start off this letter I just have to share the amazing feelings that I have right now. I hope I can do them justice with my mere words, but I am going to give it a try! More of the Rivera family from La Ponderosa have gotten baptized! Oh, man, I am just so happy for them and I can't wait for the day that I get to see them again. It is always just indescribably incredible to see people that you taught and love get baptized, even after you have left the area. I haven't ever even met the missionaries that are there, but they are very fortunate to be there.

To add on to that great news, we had some awesome experiences here in Santa Elena, Belize! We were blessed to find just an incredible person named Nickisha. We were coming back from a fallen appointment when we saw a house tucked back away from the main road, so we thought, " Well, last time we had success contacting tucked away houses, lets try this one."  Well, I don't know if it was actually that, or mostly the Spirit directing us, most likely the later. But either way we ended up in front of that door. We stood there waiting for a bit, calling to see if anyone would come. Finally, a women walked up from the road and greeted us. We talked with her for a while and she invited us back the next day.

Fast forward to a few days later, We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and we explained that Adam and Eve had received two commandments when they entered the Garden of Eden. The she asked us when effect eating the fruit had on Adam and Eve and we explained that they had been in a state of innocence and that eating the fruit had made it possible for them to know good from evil. She then asked us how it would be possible for Adam and Eve to have children if they were so innocent. We were able to read 2 Nephi 2:22-24 with her. It was amazing to see such a clear example of the Book of Mormon answering the questions of the soul. After we had finished explaining that this time is a time to prepare to meet God, we invited her to be baptized and she said she didn't want to procrastinate her repentance and accepted a date. That lesson was a great blessing and I am so happy to see the changes that the gospel is causing in her life.

God has a plan for us and is preparing us for the future. I have learned that every down is just so you can get a little bit more speed upwards. Even though we may not know why we are going through what we go through, it is so worth it if we keep the course and fight the good fight.

Love you all!

Elder Vierkant

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