Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Semana setenta y ocho!

Week 78 of 101 (3/09-3/15)


Back to Belmopan? What is that suppose to mean, you might ask. Criminal records. Yet again, I am sending my companion back to El Salvador. Yep, Elder Naillon is already leaving Santa Elena and going back. We suppose the reason is that Elder Naillons back won't permit him to ride bikes for the rest of his mission. So, next time I write you, I will have a new companion.

Elder Naillon and I had a great week this week. Although we were barely able to see any of our investigators due to their busy schedules, we were able to talk with plenty of new people and have some very spiritually powerful lessons.

In particular, we met a lady named Sharron. She is from Belize, but she lived a large part of her life in the United States. She has a strong desire to have a strong family and thus she is naturally interesting the gospel, which happens to be the perfect plan for the happiness of families. Isn't that great?  We had a really great experience with her as we taught about the Restoration. She understood really well and you could tell that she felt the spirit as we and Brother Kib taught.

We also had a great activity this weekend. We gather as much of the branch as we could, inviting anyone that we had ever talked to all change as well. We played some volleyball outside before going in and having snacks and watching a movie. It went well and the members that came really enjoyed it. The branch really needs unity and it is great when we can get them to participate in the activities that we hold.

The Gospel is great, it really makes me happy. I love to be a missionary, it is just a blast. Belize is pretty awesome. So is El Salvador (Elder Naillon).

Take luck,

Elder Vierkant

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