Sunday, March 1, 2015

Semana setenta y dos!

Week 72 of 101 (1/26-2/01)

Dear Everyone,

Like the title states, tomorrow are changes. Elder Hiatt is leaving Santa Elena and is going back to El Salvador. When we got the call last night, we weren't very surprised. He has already been in Belize for over a year, which is a lot of time. We also had to go to immigration on Thursday, which is a dead give away. It has been a good 8 weeks with Elder Hiatt here in Santa Elena. I have learned a lot during this time. We have had a lot of disappointments and a lot of successes. I hope him the best back in the land of pupusas.

Side note, when we went to immigration, we also saw Elder Tello, my companion on San Pedro. He told me a lot of things, but among them one of the families, the Stain family, who we were teaching got baptized. I am so happy for them.

We experienced a lot of success with less active families this week. We had to go searching far and wide, looking cross the land. We found a lot of them and we were even able to have the joy of seeing one of them, Oscar, in church. It was a rewarding week and I am reminded how much greater it is to serve the Lord than ones self.

Have a great week,

Elder Vierkant

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