Sunday, March 1, 2015

Semana setenta y cinco!

Week 75 of 101 (2/16-2/22)


This week was a blast. Elder Naillon and I had a ton of fun. We had some great experiences this week, and more than ever, I am convinced that the Lord is watching over his work.

Now, to explain the title of this email and also the rest of the week. Last Monday we went to the hospital because my companion had been suffering from back pains. We got his back x-rayed and we sent the x-rays to a doctor in Guatemala. The next day we get a call from the Central America medical adviser. Basicly, in layman's terms, my companion broke his back. However, it isn't quite as bad it sounds. I guess a small piece of the bone chipped of one of the vertebrae in his back. There is nothing that they said we can do but wait. But, in the mean time my companion cannot wear a backpack nor can we ride bikes, which means a LOT of walking, which is great fun.

Undeterred by the above mentioned events, we still were able to put a great amount of effort into the work and I am impressed at my companions ability to soldier on, even when it does hurt. And if he hadn't, we may have never met a lot of the people that we did this week nor had a lot of the great experiences that we did have.

One of the best experiences that we had this week was when we found Sue. Elder Naillon and I had walked around most of Santa Elena just trying to find an investigator, a less active or just anyone who would listen to us. On our way somewhere, we decided to go and knock on the doors of a few houses that were a bit far from the road that were on. The first house had a locked gate and no one was home. The second house was empty as well. We went to try the third house and first no one came to the door. We were about to leave when a lady came out and asked us if we had been standing there a while. She invited us in and we sat down and explained our purpose as missionaries. Towards the end, she explained to us that just before we had showed up, she had been praying that God would show her the way and give her help. Not long after we showed up. God answers prayers. I know it.

The most amazing thing is, that if we had been riding around on bikes, I doubt we would have stopped and talked to those houses. The Lord has plans, which are infinitely greater than ours. What may seem as a stumbling block for us at the moment, the very thing that frustrates us to wits end, is the very stepping stone that God is giving us to raise us up and to hasten his work. Have patience. Have Faith. Rely on the Lord.

With Love,

Elder Vierkant

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