Monday, October 28, 2013

Leaving the CCM!!


So I leave the Mexico CCM today in an hour. It is crazy to think the day is finally here where I get to leave. It is really sad. I am leaving people that I have spent 14+ hours a day for six weeks and I won´t see most of them again for at least two years. The Hermanas in our district already left so we said goodbye to them last night. That was very sad. We are making our final preparations and are taking our final pictures. It is weird that I will probably never see this place again. It has become life, everything that I know. I felt like I would be here for ever, but just like that it was over.

I don´t have a ton of time to do my emails because I am leaving soon so I am going to answer those questions:

Native speakers

When there are native speakers here, they make up a third of the people. They get out of the CCM in a fourth of the time we do and they come only every other week. Since there isn´t an overwhelming amount of them, there is way too much English spoken here. At the beginning most of the teachers were from America but the have transitioned to mainly natives of Mexico and they plan on changing the CCM so it is almost all native speakers in the administration.


There are some pretty big spiders here because there are also a lot of mosquitoes here. I also have seen moths the size of birds and a caterpillar the size of my thumb.


For never having had to share a room with a bunch of guys for an extended amount of time before, it was an easy transition, especially since everyone in my room is very mild.

Tall people

There are a lot of very tall people here. There is a missionary in my district that is 6 foot 5 inches and there is another Elder who is 6 foot 9 inches.

Mexico City

Mexico City is crazy. Buildings are as far as the eye can see. Things that I learned about in Spanish class like the basilica of the Virgin Guadalupe are all around me. People walk between cars and sell stuff. Millions of cars driving inches from each other, very aggressively without ever getting in an accident. It is is incredible and seems like there is is so much to do and explore. I wish I had the opportunity but now is not that time.

Elder Vierkant

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