Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Estoy aqui!

I made it to El Salvador! It all went down with out a hitch. It is pretty humid here and it is definitely a lot different than America or Mexico. Down by the coast where the airport is, the humidity was probably 95% with 80 degree heat at 8pm. As soon as I walked out of the airport and its air conditioning  my glasses fogged to solid white, before I could even do anything about it. 

We slept at the AP´s house, which has 14 bunk beds. This morning we went to the temple complex and we are going to have meetings in the church building next to it all day. We ate in the distribution center here on the complex. We won´t be able to enter the temple for another two weeks. As a mission we get to enter the temple twice a year unless someone we are working with invites us to come with them. 

The temple grounds here are SO beautiful, perhaps more beautiful than any other I have seen. Apparently everyone here loves it, even the non members. 

Also, there is a chance I will go to Belize for a while, but not for sure.

Elder Vierkant

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