Tuesday, October 15, 2013

La cuarta semana!

¡Hola todos! ¿Como estan? Hablo mucho más espanñol ahora. He estado tratando hablar solemente español para tres dias. No lo es dificil, pero tengo que hablar en una manera estraño a veces cuando no se una palabra porque tengo que describir la palabra.
For those who don´t want to translate that:
Hey everyone! how are you? I speak a lot more Spanish for three days. It isn´t hard, but I have to speak in a eird way at times when I don´t know a word and I have to describe the word.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the day all the new North American missionaries are coming in. The week we came in was the last week they had North American missionaries come in on Tuesday. Anyways, tomorrow a bunch of fresh missionaries will be coming in and there is a CCM-wide challenge to speak only Spanish tomorrow so when the new missionaries get here they will be scared out of their minds because they will have no idea what is going on.
Another funny event happened already this morning. I need to backtrack a bit and talk a little bit about yesterday. Mondays are service day. Yesterday we helped a worker here clean the walls of a casa. On the way there we talked to her in Spanish and this made her happy because, she said, our Spanish was good and she could actually talk with us, unlike other missionaries she had talked to. Then we cleaned the upper parts of the walls for her which made her happy because she was all of about 4´10". Afterwards she said she would bring Elder Jack, Me, and two other Elders in our district tacos from the outside of the wall the next morning which is today. Last night, at the end of the day, we got back to our casa and saw a sign that said "Sorry Elders, I can´t bring the tacos because they can make you sick." Which I was happy about because I was a little bit scared of the tacos to be honest. I decided to take the sign down and put it on the other Elder´s bed so it would like some how the where he was sleeping.
Well, apparently  I didn´t find out until after the fact, but they thought their roommates had written the note and they didn´t believe them when their roommates told them it was real. So this morning they stayed home from breakfast and then went to try and get tacos. They lady told them she didn´t have any and they missed breakfast. Which, I don´t know why they didn´t try to get both breakfast and the tacos. I would have if I hadn´t seen the sign. Anyways, I think that there is more than one moral to this story.
We taught a member yesterday during Teaching Resource Center time. It was pretty great. We had no idea if it was going to be a member or a non-member so we prepared a lesson for a non-member. When we got in there we found out that she is a member and during the lesson we switched from The Restoration to a lesson about Personal Revelation. It was great! The Spirit permeated the room!!
This week we taught our afternoon teacher as an investigator and that was awesome! We had no idea that she was going to bomb us with a problem, but somehow we had the perfect scriptures, words and lesson planned for her problem. It was great! You could really tell the Spirit had guided us.
On Sunday I gave an 8 minute lesson totally in Spanish, by myself during priesthood. It felt so good to know that I could do something like that. I know the Spirit helped me write the talk because my talk worked perfectly with the lesson before mine, without me even knowing until I gave my lesson.
I will answer the questions I was emailed next week. I just don´t have a ton of time right now. Later.

Elder Vierkant

(He was unable to send a description for the pics this week.)

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