Tuesday, October 8, 2013

La tercera semana!

First some goodbyes to my Sandy and District friends!
Goodbye Elder Hyde!


Goodbye friends!

Goodbye friends!


I can´t believe it! I am just over the half way point in my stay at the CCM! And what a great way to celebrate with conference. It was incredible being in the CCM for conference. Not to mention the fact the CCM was shown during conference. In the pictures they showed you could see the outside of my class room and the second picture was of my teacher! Everyone cheered a little when we saw it on the screen. I was even more excited to see that I am now taught by a famous person. The night of conference was crazy because we got to watch Testaments, which is the best church movie I have ever seen and it was super emotional. Then, right after. I got to take pictures with Elder Hyde before he left. It was crazy to say bye, but at least I got to see him one last time.

On a more serious note, I learned a lot from the experience. There was so many specific talks this conference and each one complemented the others in amazing ways. There could be no way they were written like that by coincidence. I took lots of notes. It was fun discussing the talks after words with everyone else and learning from them the things that I didn´t catch.

Yesterday our class got to teach my teachers inactive friend over Skype. It was a little hard for everyone to talk since there was twelve of use that we were trying to work with. I didn´t get to talk a lot but the lesson went in a way that I felt that I wasn´t needed. You could really feel the Spirit through out the lesson though.

We got to go out to the Mexico City Temple again today. The temple is about an hour away but it is worth it. It is the only time we get to leave the campus and see Mexico city. It is crazy here, so much different than Sandy. I wish I could explore it, but I know that wouldn´t be the greatest idea ever. The temple here is awesome. It is shaped like an Aztec pyramid and is beautiful on the inside and out. I feel like the only peaceful places in Mexico City are the church buildings.

I am growing closer to everyone here each day and it is going to be sad to say goodbye, especially to Elder Bird and Elder Ashton and the Hermanas because they are going to different missions than the rest of us.
I found out the other day that there is a crazy large amount of missionaries going to my mission. About 60 white missionaries and apparently 200 native speakers, although I don´t know if I believe that last statistic.

Elder Vierkant
Finally! Chicken and waffles!

Elder Bird and I


Funny orange car driving past the temple!

CCM to Mexico City Temple,
only 15k (9 miles) - 1hr.
From our house in Sandy to the Draper Temple is 12k (7 miles) 20 minutes.



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