Tuesday, October 22, 2013

El Salvador Address

Matthew would love to have some surprises waiting for him in El Salvador ie., letters, picture or anything else you want to send. He should arrive around November 1st.

Letter Mailing Address:

Elder David Matthew Vierkant
El Salvador San Salvador Mission
Apartado Postal 3362
CP San Salvador, San Salvador
El Salvador

Package Mailing Address:

Elder Vierkant
MisiĆ³n El Salvador San Salvador Oeste/Belice
Apartado Postal #81, Correos de El Salvador Multiplaza
San Salvador, El Salvador C.A.

Package mailing tips: 

1) Send using the United States Postal Service.

2) Use a padded envelope made of plastic on the outside instead of paper.

3) Include an invoice inside and indicate on that invoice that you have sent him a separate letter with the invoice included also. This helps prevent theft.

4) Clothing type items may not get through to him, due to customs.

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