Sunday, June 14, 2015

Semana ochenta y seis!

Week 86 of 101 (5/04-5/10)


Well, I hope all the mothers that read this had a great mothers day and that all those that have mothers did something nice for their mother. It was great being able to talk with my family again. You guys are awesome and motivate me to work hard.

This week was great. We taught a lot of people and we found a lot of new people to teach. We had an awesome experience this week. As a zone, we have put a goal to fulfill the standards of excellence that President Hinze has put out. One of them is to ask referrals from everyone we talk to. Sometimes it is hard to remember to do it, but the Spirit helps us to remember. One such occasion that was when we were teaching some siblings. We shared the "Because He lives" video and we were sharing a brief message to go along with the video. As we ended, we remembered to ask for a referral from them. They thought for a second and then referred us to a house just up the road. It was a bit unusual because a lot of people you contact in the street don't normally try to help you share the Gospel.

As we walked away, my companion and I discusses how we both had felt really impressed to asked for the referral. We tried to contact it then, but they weren't home. Then we went on Saturday and we were able to find them all. We invited them to learn more about the message we had and we invited them to church.They said "yes." But the best part was that they followed through! Not only did they come but they also brought two neighbor boys. It was a great experience and it really shows me that God is leading us towards those who are prepared, especially if we take the time to ask Him and others for help.

I love you all!

Elder Vierkant
Photos are from a service project.


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