Sunday, June 14, 2015

Semana noventa!

Week 90 of 101 (6/01-6/07)  

Mawnin', mawnin,

This week was just another great week of missionary work. Is there much else to say? Elder Williams and I had the great opportunity to meet a lot of new people that are willing to accept the gospel.

I had the chance to go with Elder Wither this week to his area on interchanges. I love being able to go visit with other missionaries because you learn so much and you have great experiences. You also get to know the missionaries around you better and it helps everyone to work in more unity.

The Mendenhalls, the senior couple here in Belmopan left this morning for Idaho. It was sad to see them to go home. They really have helped the work here. Senior missionaries help so much and they are such a blessing and example for us younger missionaries. I am extremely grateful for Elder Mendenhall, who noticed that my shoes were dying and traded me this morning. Now I won't go home barefoot.

There are changes this week. Elder Williams is leaving. I am sad to see him go. He is a great missionary. He is on his last change, so I hope he works hard to finish off his mission.

This work is lead by God. I know that we do not always understand the things that go on around us, but I know it is for our good. Patience, faith, and diligence are the attributes that we must have to succeed in this work.


Elder Vierkant

Photo: These shoes were sent to us a couple of weeks after Matthew mentioned them in his blog. There was a letter sent with them which is below.

Brother and Sister Vierkant,

Enclosed you will find the shoes I wore home from our mission. These are priceless and show the dedication and hardwork that your son has put into serving the Lord. Believe me, he is a great missionary!! It was a pleasure for Sister Mendenhall and I to serve with him. We worked with him and Elder Williams, Monday night in Rearing Creek and Cotton Tree. We enjoyed listening and learning from him and Elder Williams during our weekly zone meeting each Wednesday. I gave all of my partially worn shoes to the missionaries in Belize before coming home because I did not have the room to carry them in my luggage. Senior couples are not nearly as hard on clothes as young missionaries walking and riding bikes all day everyday.

Brother Mendenhall

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