Sunday, June 14, 2015

Semana ochenta y siete!

Week 87 of 101 (5/11-5/17)

This week went by super fast. Probably because we did a bunch of companion exchanges and did a lot of fun things. 
On Tuesday we did interchanges with the other Elders in Belmopan because they were going to do a baptismal interview for us. That ended up falling through, but we still had a great day. I was with Elder Withers, who is from Idaho. He is a great missionary. He is very humble and kind. We had a really cool experience asking everyone for referrals.  We were riding down the street and we decided to talk some people in the house. We tried to talk with them but most of them tried to hide from us and the rest of the people weren't really interested. When seemed a little pointless trying to talk to them anyone and we were about to leave, Elder Withers decided to ask if they knew anyone we could talk to. They said yes and gave us a name and an address. It was awesome! 
On Wednesday I want on interchanges to Dangriga for two days. Dangriga is a town about two hours from Belmopan. It is on the coast and its a little bit like San Pedro. They people are really friendly and open so it was a ton of fun to work there. On Wednesday we went to a family home evening. On the way, we talked with a little girl, about six years old. I don't remember what the Elder asked the little girl but she looked at him and said "Because... Jesus made Frozen." Completely unrelated to what he said, but it was pretty funny. 
ON Thursday I got to go with Elder Mariano from the Dominican Republic. He is a great guy. I have a lot of respect for him because he speaks mostly Spanish and Dangriga is a mostly English area, so its forcing him to learn English faster. We had a great day and we made an effort to talk with everyone and invite them to repent and be baptized. It was a great day. We also had the opportunity to listen to a guy pray in Garifuna. I didn't understand a thing, but it sounded really cool. 
Lorreta came to church today. She is the wife of a less active. She is so excited to join the church and you can see how the Gospel has made her so much happier. I am super excited for her and her baptism and it is so cool to see how the gospel has blessed her life.
Remember to read your scriptures, pray and have Family Home Evening.
Elder Vierkant

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