Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Semanas veintisiete y veintiocho!


Last Monday we went to the beach for Pday with half the zones here in our mission in El Salvador. It was really awesome, but we spent way too much time there, so I didn´t have much time to write. We finally had two investigators in church that are positive.


I really cannot believe that it is already Monday again. The time just flies so fast that makes me worry that my mission will be over before I know it. It really is a learning experience. I hope that I can be humble enough to learn all the lessons that life is willing to teach me.
This week we cut a lot of our investigators who aren´t very positive and weren´t progressing. At first I was a bit worried about doing it. But It has helped because it made more time for those who are willing to listen to us and are willing to do the things that are necessary to learn about the gospel. It is sad to leave these people who need the gospel in their lives, but maybe they can receive it in the future.
We have had 3 different people in the church this week. One is the father of a member who was listening to members before. His name is Felicito. He is really positive now that one of his sons is on a mission. The only problem is that it is hard to teach him because he is only home after 9 at night Saturdays and Sundays.
We also had Alex and Edwin in church. Edwin stayed the whole 3 hours, our first investigator to do so. Alex lives in a huge family that is some how magically bigger every time we show up to his house, which makes it hard because we have to help so many people focus, but it is awesome to have a family like that to teach and it is always fun to be there. In our area, we have another two pueblos that are pretty far away, but are important to the growth of the ward, so we have been taking time to go out to one that is named Tacachico and another one named San Matias. There the people haven´t heard a lot about the gospel and we have met a lot of people who are interested. But the most positive people always come from references from members. Members really are key to having success in missionary work.
I hope you are all doing well and are all helping the missionaries in your area.

Hasta luego!
Elder Vierkant




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