Tuesday, April 22, 2014

La trigésimo primera semana!

Hola, ¿Que tal mis amigos?

Another week has passed in El Salvador and I am more and more convinced that the world is crazy. No, but that this last week was awesome. After writing last week, we went to some ancient ruins. They were super sweet, I will send pictures next week when I am using a computer in the stake center because the computer I am using in a cyber cafe is a bit weird.

Wednesday were changes and both my companion and I left Opico. I got an awesome new companion, Elder Gavilanes, from Ecuador. Pretty much we are awesome together and we go and kick butt. I got moved to an area called La Ponderosa 2 in Sonzacate. That name reminds me of a old western show, I don't remember the name of it, just that there was a ranch called the Ponderosa and there was a huge guy named Hoss. I love this area! The people are super nice and we have a good time. The area has a lot of positive investigators. There is the Rivera family who has some family members that were baptized and the rest are working on it. They are super cool and we always have a good time at their house. We also are teaching Veronica. Yesterday she said she wants to be baptized and we are going to work with her, hopefully sometime in May to get baptized.

This Sunday was kind of a bummer though because everyone here goes to the beach for Easter Sunday, which really doesn't make any sense to me. What day is it? Easter! What does Easter honor? Christ! What should we do? We should go to... THE BEACH! Honestly people, go to church. Any ways, I got to go, we have a P-day activity. We are going to the beach.

Mucho amor,

Elder Vierkant

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