Tuesday, April 15, 2014

La semana trigésimo!

Hola todos!

I am writing a little bit late this week because we are going to see some ruins that are not opened Mondays. A really great thing about this zone is that we always do something really cool for Preparation day.

This past week was interesting. We weren't able to talk with Edwin at all this week and he didn't come to church or any of the activities that we have. We did a lot of cool things that he just didn't come to. We play soccer in Saturday morning at the church, we teach English, there was a baptism and a wedding for the other missionaries and we had a super sweet family home evening. We just weren't able to get him to go.

Some good news was that we had another investigator and his life companion in church this week. They have been investigators for basically 10 years and their kids are baptised, but they haven't been to church our entire time here. We went to their house after church, on interchanges with the district leader, Elder Stone. We talked about what is holding them back. Basically, from what we understand, he just doesn't understand that we have to show our faith to God through action and that he wont just do everything for us with out that action. As such, he doesn't want to get baptised and married yet. On the other hand, we finally got his companion to talk and she understands. She obviously understands the gospel and action. She is just patiently waiting for him to realize that he has to take this step towards Christ and get married and baptised and prepare himself to get sealed in the temple.

We are learning and growing as a companionship and our struggles really are making us better people. It makes me think of a shirt I have from wrestling. It says"The Grind" and has a skinny little boy falling into a grinding and coming out a huge man. That is really what is happening!

Con el amor!

Elder Vierkant

Photos: We went to a volcano with some jungle terrain. I also ate a huge pupusa loca with goodness knows what was in it but it was the best papusa that I have ever eaten. We also had a super sweet family home evening with a part member family, less actives and the ward mission leader.

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  1. Hola, Elder Vierkant!
    Grampa & I always read your blogs on Sunday. They are very interesting and we love your enthusiasm for the work. Your testimony shines through your words.
    You're so right about general conference and the love our GA's have for us and the Lord. Just listening to opening and closing prayers in conference are sermons in themselves.
    We Love you! Keep up the good work! Our prayers are with you always.
    Love Grampa & Gramma Holmes