Monday, March 17, 2014

La vigésimo sexta semana!

Buenas Tardes,

This week was crazy. We went out and worked with everything we have for most of the week. We did have our short comings, but that is how you learn.

We have now attempted to contact every inactive member in our area, which is a great opportunity to find new investigators. Usually the addresses that we have are awful because they don't really have directions here. You have to find the neighborhood they live in and then just start asking for them until you find someone who knows where they live. This is a great opportunity to share the gospel with everyone you talk with. The second great thing is that normally there are non members in the houses of inactive and that normally gives you someone new to teach also. And then the very best part is that most of these people who are inactive are just waiting for someone to visit and remind them that Christ loves them. We love to then share Omni 1:26 and Alma 5:32-34, which are invitations to come unto Christ.

The most notable events of this week were when we did interchanges with the zone leaders and Elder Gillespie came to my area and worked with me. It went incredible. We only had one lesson fall through, everyone was super receptive, we worked with the members and received references and contacted a lot of people. We even found a new family, although the dad did leave and we weren't able to teach him. Pretty much we killed it. You could see the Lord guiding everything we did, from the people we talked to and the words we spoke.

We also had stake conference this week, which was way cool, but also a pain because it made it a lot harder to invite people to church and because we lost pretty much all of Saturday, why, because we had to go an hour and a half away on a bus to get to the stake center. Then our ward left us, so we had to go with another ward and they took us to eat papusas. We got a ride home with another brother from the ward, but we didn´t end up making it home until late, which is really bad, unfortunately there just wasn´t much we could do because we didn´t have a way to get home by curfew. Luckily, the zone leaders knew what was happening, so we didn´t get in trouble.

The Sunday session was a broadcast from Salt Lake City to all of Central America. Elder Scott can speak Spanish. Elder Oaks spoke too, but he had a translator so did Bonnie Oscarson and Elder James Martino. It was very spiritually enlightening and I was happy to hear from these great apostles of Christ!

Elder Vierkant

Gringos will be gringos!

Ready for the beach transfer :)

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  1. We love you Matthew! Thank you for enlightening my morning! You are truly amaizing and I always feel the spirit through you words. Thank you ;)