Sunday, May 10, 2015

Semana ochenta y cuatro!

Week 84 of 101 (4/20-4/26)

Hello everyone!

Well, I guess the big news for this week, because I know that no one likes to wait, is that I am leaving Santa Elena. It has been a great stay here Santa Elena. I have learned so much from my time here, a lot of things that I will use my entire life. I am so grateful for all the great companions that I have here that have helped me to grow. I will really miss the people here.

This week was great. First we had the opportunity to speak with Shawn and his family. He is doing well and he has one of the sincerest desires to build a happy family that I have seen. He talked about how he had never really had that support growing up and how he wants it for his family. It was great to see how the Gospel answers his needs and I pray that he can see it as well.

We also had a great experience yesterday, Sunday. As missionaries, our purpose is to invite people to act. An essential part of the Gospel, as taught by Jesus Christ, is baptism. Thus we invite everyone to follow Jesus Christ's example and be baptized. Sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable as missionaries to invite someone, especially if you think they will say no. So it was yesterday. We knew the person we were teaching was a member of another church and had a strong tradition in the other church. As we neared the end of our lesson, we prepared to invite him to baptism. A bit apprehensive that we would be thoroughly denied, we invited him to be baptized. We were taught a really special lesson when he said "yes" and said he would pray to know if he should be baptized the30th of May. 

A lot of times, we see disappointment and we think have failed and we will continue to fail. As our disappointment increases, our hope and faith in the Lords promises begins to decrees and our efficiency and expectations fall. But, if we are willing to persevere and to test the Lords promises, We will see blessings. I love the hope that the Gospel gives us. I am grateful for the knowledge that I have of the truthfulness of the Gospel. I know that the Lord is watching over us and knows our struggles and trials, and that if we push through, we will blessed for what we have done.

Yours truly,

Elder Vierkant

P.S. The computer guy just told me it is over 100 degrees in here...

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