Sunday, September 21, 2014

Semana de cincuenta y dos!

Week 52 (09/08-09/14)

Saludos todos,

This week was great! We were able to teach a lot of people this week and find a lot of new investigadores. We were also able to prepare Ana for baptism! It was a great week.

I would be lot more specific about what happened this week but most of the week was the exact same. Most of our investigators live the equivalent of two city blocks. So we were just walking back in forth in the same little area all day teaching the same people. It sounds a little repetitive, which it is, but at the the same time it is great and we can get a lot done because we don´t have to travel very far.

Friday we did interchanges so that I could do interviews in the Zone Leaders area and they could do one in my area. I counted and I have done 21 baptismal interviews. Wow. I can also look forward to doing a lot more. It always is a great experience, although sometimes it can be really hard because it is a large responsibility and some investigators are better prepared than others. But the good news is that Ana Passed her interview!

This Sunday was pretty great! The whole Pineda family came to church (and loved it), Rosa was there with her son, Ana and her two kids came and, a special surprise, Carlos, an old investigator, came to church! During sacrament meeting Natheal said he wanted me to confirm him, like right before it happened. I had never confirmed someone before and I wasn't 100% on all of the words, but when I got up there Elder Alvarez told me what to say and the spirit guided me to say the rest. It was really special and I could feel the Spirit testifying the need of this ordinance.

Then, the best part of all my week came to pass. We showed early to the chapel and got everything ready for the baptism. The font was full, the chairs were ready and the people were there. Then, when Ana showed up, we found out that the shirt we had for her was too small. Luckily, a sister from the Relief Society that lives close ran over to her house and brought us a shirt. Finally, everything was ready and Ana got baptised! And I got to baptise her! She was super happy. It was great to see the change in her and not just in clothes! When we first met her, she was super negative, and wasn't sure if God loved her. But now we can see that she is a lot happier. I love seeing how repentance and baptism can change the lives of people! That is what gets me through the hard times, the hope to see someone else be happy. For me, that is what the gospel is all about. Being happy. I just hope to someday see these people in the celestial kingdom. That would make me happier than anything else that the world has to offer. 

Love you guys,

Elder Vierkant

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