Monday, September 15, 2014

Semana de cuarenta y seis!

Week 46 (07/28-08/03)

What is up?

This week was a trial but finished successfully so I feel pretty good about it.

Last Monday we ended up going to the house of some members from Arizona and we ate lunch there. The Husband is a really good cook and he made taco salad, Hawaiian haystacks, tater tot casserole and brownies. It was great to have some home made American food again. At night we had a family home evening with the Rivera family again. They are the coolest family ever and becoming super strong. This next week they are going to do baptisms for the dead for the first time.

Tuesday was a little frustrating and not a lot happened. We taught a few lessons but nothing special happened.

Wednesday we were going to go do a service project chopping a field with machetes but when I called to confirm in the morning, he told me that the sisters had gone the day before and they were already finished. I was super bummed out to not do it. We ended up doing interchanges that day and I went with Elder Ford. It was fun. It is always interesting to do interchanges with someone else from the US because I am used to just talking in Spanish all day.

Thursday was pretty good. We met some cool people who are pretty positive and look like they will probably progress.

Friday we did interchanges with the zone leaders and Elder Steenhoek came with me in our area. It was pretty fun. We taught some good lessons and overall we had a lot of fun. At night we ended up talking a bit too long, which is probably why I don´t have English speaking companions.

Saturday was normal, which means good. Sunday was super cool, a lady named Ana and her three kids came to church with the Rivera family. I think they really liked it, especially the daughter. It was a little frustrating though because Alfredo said he was going to go to church but when we passed by his house in the morning he bailed out on us. It was frustrating but we can´t change his decisiones-

El Salvador is cool. I am healthy. I am not breaking rules and I am not in danger, so far as I know. 

Elder Vierkant

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