Monday, September 29, 2014

Semana de cincuenta y cuatro!

Week 54 of 101 (09/22-09/28)

Hello everyone,

This week was pretty great. It flew by, especially because we had back to back interchanges this week.

Tuesday was really normal, nothing out of the ordinary happened. Wednesday, we had a great lesson with Rosa about the temple. She was super excited about being able to do baptisms for the dead for her family. She is so prepared for baptism this weekend. We then went to visit a guy named Guillermo who is super positive. He is really ready to learn and wants to change his life.

On Thursday I did interchanges with Elder Alvarez in his area. It was pretty cool. We contacted a whole lot and taught one of the priests from the ward how to do it. We also met a guy that had read the whole pamphlet (took me like a minute to remember what that word was in English) and he had a list of more than 20 questions. The lesson was just question and answer and at the end we had basically taught lessons one and two.

On Friday I did interchanges with Elder Steenhoek in his area while Elder Pocasangre and Elder Gonzalez went to my area to do a baptismal interview for Rosa. It was a great interchange, we found some pretty interested people. But it was also a bit weird because Elder Steenhoek goes home in a few days and more than anything he doesn´t really comprehend it. Also, another interesting fact is that we gave 7 blessings that day.

Saturday was wonderful. We got to go visit Ana and her son, Andy- who now wants to get baptized. Also we got to visit Guillermo, who is doing great and seems really like what we are teaching him. Then, finally, at 6:00 we had the baptismal service for Rosa. She was so excited and ready. The whole Rivera family showed up, as well as Ana and her family, and Alma and her husband, who really is excited for baptism, he just needs to go to church. We took pictures with everyone. ( I will send the photos next week hopefully.) We had the talks then I got to baptize Rosa! It was super great. She was so ready. After the baptism, we went and visited the Pineda family, who sadly won´t be going to church tomorrow.

Then the craziest thing of all happened. At about 10:00 at night, Elder Ralphs called me and told me that I AM GOING TO BELIZE! Sunday was going to be my last day in the Ponderosa. I am super excited to go to Belize, it apparently is incredible there. But at the same time I am super sad to leave the Ponderosa. The people here are so loving and so ready to accept the gospel. I have learned so much in this area and the people here, especially the Riveras, are basically my family.

Sunday, Guillermo, Andy and Carlos showed up to church. There were a lot of distractions going on during the sacrament meeting and the Principles of the Gospel class was kind of haphazard, so I was worried that Guillermo wasn´t going to like it all, but he loved it!
After church, we ate quickly and began to visit everyone who could, saying good bye and leaving one good  last lesson. I took a whole bunch of pictures. It was super sad and happy at the same time. I will always remember these people. I just hope the missionaries that come take good care of them.

Today we woke up at 5:00 in the morning and I got everything ready and I left. At the terminal, I met up with Elder Smith and Elder Withers and we went got in a bus for San Salvador. Adios Sonzacate. We got to San Salvador and we found a pickup and paid the guy to take us with our suit cases to the office of the mission. We did a whole bunch of paperwork and now we are waiting here until we go to presidents house to see changes. Tomorrow we are going to go to Belize!

I am super excited for the future but I will not forget the past. I am so grateful that I could see all the changes in the lives of the people and I am so glad I got to see their progress. The gospel is the plan of God for our happiness and Salvation, so if we aren´t happy and they aren´t happy, we aren´t living the gospel. Love you all!

Elder Vierkant

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