Tuesday, January 14, 2014

La decimoséptima semana!


It has been another fantastic week out here in San Salvador, the land where anything goes. It really is the craziest place. My example for the week are the buses. The buses here are nuts. First off, the buses are like old school buses. They are old rickety machines that have holes in the floor and make loud sounds that are a little bit frightening, but hey, we only have to pay 20 cents to ride the big buses and a quarter for the minibuses. The buses are covered in painted in every color and with all sorts of pictures. There are stickers of religious pictures are all over them. One time I saw one with a picture of Jesus and Satan arm wrestling on the back of the bus. It was one of the coolest pictures that I have seen. The drivers here don't believe in defensive driving or obeying the rules of the road. I don't need to go to the amusement park here, the buses are good enough. But overall, they are safe.

In other news, I met an awesome dude in the street while contacting. He told me that Christianity is a white bible and a black bible, but music, music is the staircase to heaven. He also told me that he made a promise with the Indians and they gave him powers and now he can talk to God. And God tells him ¨I got you in my hands David¨ It was the most interesting conversation I have ever had.

We also found a Little Caesars here in my area. I think it is one of the only in the country but it was the best discovery ever.

This week I was walking in the street thinking about stuff and I learned the rule of sacrifice. In order to gain what we want in life we have to make sacrifices. We sacrifice time to make money. We sacrifice our money for things we need for food, cloths and shelter. The rule applies spiritually as well as physically. Priest before Jesus would make sacrifices for their sins and to make peace with God. Jesus was the sacrifice for our sins and so we could conquer the problem of death through resurrection. We have to sacrifice things in our life in order to come closer to God. We sacrifice time to go to church, people give up cafe tea and alcohol and many other physical pleasures. But the great part about this rule is that, as it seems to me, is we gain so much more then what we sacrifice. We learn important truths in church, we gain health for living the word of wisdom and we can feel the spirit better. As a missionary, I sacrifice speaking English, being with my family and two years of my life. But I become so much more mature, I learn Spanish and many more skills that are very important. Are we willing to give up the little we have to gain a lot more? I promise you as you sacrifice these things, the Lord will bless you a lot more

Elder Vierkant

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