Monday, January 6, 2014

La decimosexta semana!


Happy new years! Feliz Año! I hope its a good one. 2014, the year that I wont ever see you guys. That is pretty cool. New years is nuts here. I was sleeping and then at 12 the world just blew up. I went outside and there was a million fireworks and little m-80`s everywhere. Everyone was blasting music and dancing and yelling. I took a few pictures and then I went to bed when the fireworks died down. 

New years eve was crazy because everyone just gave us food, even the people who we hadn`t planned dinners with. At the end of the night I felt like a balloon that was way too full of air. We then had to walk to our house on the other end of our area and we had to go really fast because it was late. I felt like I was going to die!

Everyone celebrates with the same food. We had bread with rice, a chicken, turkey or chompipollo that is doused in its juices and is well marinated. Usually, there was a salad on the side. It is really good, the first few times. After that it is just all tastes the same.

Talking with my family on Christmas was awesome. It made me realize everything is normal and it will be the same when I get home. It has made it a lot easier.

The other day, we taught the law of chastity to a teenage kid. That seems like it would be really awkward but we had a really good lesson and you could feel the spirit testifying of what we were teaching. I know that living the law of chastity is a commandment of God and that is a sacred and important law that has always existed. I am grateful that I have always had the knowledge of this law to guide me to make good decisions.

I am doing good out here, nothing too nuts has happened to me personally but I am continually learning. I will try to have a crazy experience ready for you guys next week. Love you all!

Elder Vierkant

Where I live.

White boys love their Wendy's!

Wish you were here!


This is the best!

Strike of course :)

On the way to Sonsanate.

Me and my companion, twins, am I right?!

Christmas Shirt

Mission Christmas party with friends from CCM.
My District.
I carried that on my head for a quarter mile like the ladies do here. Respect!

Sweet leather agenda cover gift from the mission.

I woke up Christmas morning and opened my Christmas package from Mom and Dad.

These are Christmas candy heaven! 

I love Christmas Trees!

Squatting with jicuma!

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