Monday, December 2, 2013

La semana undécima!

Hola amigos!

Well, this next Saturday is my 19th birthday. Wish me luck. I hope I don't get health problems from being so old!

Hope you are all well? I am doing pretty well here in El Salvador. Everyday it gets better. I love it more and I love the people more. I think love is the greatest thing you can have. It sounds cheesy, but it really is powerful when you put it into the work. You have more patience, you listen more and you understand more. I can see how great it is every time I teach.  Love is a Christ like attribute and Christ like attributes make your life so much happier. As I try to develop them during my mission, I can see how much it makes my life better and how much better my life will be. I challenge you all to search out the christ like attributes and develope them.

This week was pretty great. My Spanish has gotten better. The hardest part is understanding others. It takes a lot of practice and focus. I wished I had watched some Spanish movies or listened to music more before my mission to help me understand the way things are accented. But even then, the only way to get better is to be in the actual situations. I hope that by the end of my training I can understand most all that is said or I'm afraid I will get really lost.

I think the most spiritual experience I had was during a bible bash. My companion and someone were hashing out where doctrine were in the bible and what things meant and the spirit just wasn't there. I got really sick of what was happening and I just stopped and said that we could argue all day but in the end it wouldn't change anything. I bore my testimony. I don't know that my words changed their feelings, but the Spirit came and we stopped the arguing and you could tell they were a blown away by what they felt.

Elder Vierkant


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