Monday, December 9, 2013

La duodécima semana!

Buenos días, amigos!

Well, here I am 19. And I don´t feel a bit different. It is weird to be honest. Maybe because out here on the mission, you don´t really celebrate your birthday. It is just another day.

On Thursday, I did kind of celebrate my birthday because a really nice investigator family threw me a birthday dinner and gave me Tres Leches cake, which was amazing! I was really thankful for the dinner because it was thoughtful, especially because that was only the second time we had talked with that family. That is the way people are out here. They are really giving and nice. I am learning a lot about love here.

This week was interesting. I had splits in trios for the first time. Once because an Elder left for for Belize a week early and his companion was left alone. The other time because one of the AP´s came and visited each of the areas in our zone to help teach one investigator. One of the zone leaders came with us and the other zone leader stayed with the AP. I got to talk to the AP who just finished being a zone leader in Belize. Apparently they speak many different languages. English is the national language, Spanish, Garifuna, some Mayan language from Guatemala, Creole and many of the other languages of the world. Also, the culture is a lot different. It is caribbean country so there isn't a whole lot of 'Latin culture', I guess is what you would call it.

I think one of the most spiritual moments this week was also one of the most frustrating. While I was on splits we went and taught a girl that was going to get baptized, but she couldn't get the permission of her parents. Then her parents gave her permission to be baptized, but she doesn't want to for some reason. She told us that she believes everything, but she stopped doing the things she needs to and she refuses to do them. We tried to figure out what was wrong. We asked questions that we felt were inspired from the spirit and we left silence for the spirit to talk. All three of us felt the spirit a ton, but she just looked down at the ground and gave us nothing. You could tell she was feeling something, but for some reason she just wouldn't commit to anything. I hope the Elders who are teaching can figure out why she is refusing to follow what she knows is true.

Love you all! Hope you have a white, love filled Christmas!

Elder Vierkant

Soccer on P-Day

A sweet sign in a member's house.

A sweet view during splits.

Splits with two other white boys, Elder Paulson and Elder Shirley

Christmas tree from house that gave me a birthday dinner.

Actual birthday dinner with food gifts I gave myself.

Can't eat just one pudding cup on your birthday!

My birthday on paper.

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