Monday, November 25, 2013

La décima semana!

Hola mis amigos en Cristo!

I am going to get right into it because I have a lot to write today. This week at church we started seeing the fruits of labor. We are opening this area and we haven't really had a lot, but this week we finally had our first investigator at church. He is friends with one of the families in our ward. We had taught him once with his friends in a family home evening. During church we taught him about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration.

I had a lot of other good things happen this week. We met a lot of people in the street that were really excited to talk with us. Most of them had talked to missionaries before. We ended up getting a lot of food and setting up two dinner dates. One lady said we could come back Wednesday and make pupusas with her. I am stoked for that. An interesting side note; I have only had pupusas three times so far.

I have a great story about the lady who said we could eat pupusas at her house. So, after we had chatted with her for about a half hour, we started teaching the Plan of Salvation. We took an hour and a half on accident. Then the lady made us eat at her house. We ended up spending almost three hours there. But the best part was when we had our closing prayer before we left. We asked them to pray and the house keeper volunteered. That was the funniest mistake we have made yet. She started, and it was pretty tame, not a prayer I was use to, but not bad. About a minute in she sounded like she was finishing her prayer, BUT that was when it got nuts! She went crazy! Clapping dancing and thrashing around while she rapped here prayer out. Needless to say I was dying! I meant no disrespect, but I had never seen anything like it and it was all I could do to not burst out laughing. About 5 minutes in my companion, Elder paulson from Sandy, he went to Brighton, we were doing splits, started kicking me. I almost lost it! Finally after 10 minutes she finished and we rushed out. I laughed til' I cried . I didn't mean any disrespect, but it was just so out of this world!

Hasta la próxima semana amigos!

Elder Vierkant

There were no descriptions. I will guess based on previous blogs and the time stamps of the pics. A labor of love :)

Arrival in El Salvador 
Based on the the time stamp, I think this is the Mexico City airport. I think Matthew is in it but...

Day 1.
From AP's house mentioned in previous blog. Day 1.

Temple and nearby Church owned buildings. 
Day 1.

Day 2 in El Salvador. 
Travelling to Versailles to meet first mission companion.

Meeting first companion: Elder Maldonado

The Apartment

Shared sink?

Shared bathroom/shower?

View outside front door.

Another view from apartment.


From the past two weeks.
11/16 at 8:40p

The National Festival Of Pupusa had ended on Wed. 11/13 but maybe the celebration of this national treasure went into the weekend ;)

P-Day 11/18

Sunday 11/24

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