Monday, November 18, 2013

La novena semana!


I only have a half hour to write today but I am trying to use every ounce of time as well as I can. This week has been pretty cool. We did three cambios, an extra one because my companion went to district leader meeting and I went and worked out in Amontepec with Elder Lee. The country side is so beautiful. I love being out there. I guess I was put in Central to learn to be a city person. The work is slow here because we are opening the area. Our ward has 30ish members. We are trying to get investigators through members but that is hard with so few members. But I am excited to make an improvement to the ward.

My Spanish has gotten a ton better. I can actually understand people and I can make converstaion. A couple times during cambios I have had to be senior companion in our area so I had to learn fast. I can get by pretty well when I have to take the lead but I am definatley not as smooth as my companion. He is a very smooth teacher and knows his stuff. It is pretty cool. After he finishes training me he will have one transfer left.

I am starting to miss Utah. People are breaking out there Christmas  stuff here, which is just wrong because it is 80 degrees outside. I just want a white Christmas. Oh, I guess I will have to live with a tropical climate for two years. Permanent summer. Bummer.

Send me any questions that you have and you want me to answer. I will do my best to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. Peace out and say your prayers.

Elder Vierkant

*It appears there were no pictures this week.

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