Monday, January 26, 2015

Semana sesenta y siete!

Week 67 of 101 (12/22-12/28)

Muy buenos dias,

This last week we had a lot of fun, considering it was Christmas and all that. The Christmas Spirit made the work just that much better. And what better way to spread the Christmas Spirit then sharing the " He is the Gift video" (If you haven't seen it, its on

We had a great experience this week sharing the video. We were riding down the street from an appointment that we had just finished when we saw a man walking up the street. He was a rasta man and he had a beer bottle in hand, which normally isn't most positive type of person to talk to. But the Spirit told us to stop and my companion and I pulled up and started to talk to him. He started to ask us what being a Christian was about and what Christmas was about. So we pulled out the " He is the Gift" Video and shared it with him. It was amazing how the Spirit testified to him through the short video of Christ, that great gift that Our Father gave us. It answered all of his questions and he was ecstatic. Since then, we haven't been able to find him again, but I know that it left a lasting impression on him.

Christmas day was great. We were able to have lunch with the Flowers family. We then spent some time with " Grandma and Grandpa", who are from Texas. They took us out to eat at a resort and then we Skyped from there house. It was great to be able to talk to everyone and I am glad to know that you are all alive still.  After that we went and taught Hieke and her friend, whose name I don't know how to spell. We had a nice lesson about tithing and we were able to speak with her mom also. We then got suprised by a nice Christmas meal with incredible cake to finish off.

Boxing day was a bit rough because most people were sleeping off Christmas. We were able to teach a few people, but nothing that we had planned worked out. Saturday was similar, although we had a very powerful lesson about the Plan of Salvation with a woman named Caroline. She felt the Spirit strongly and it was one of those moments where you feel that you are accomplishing your missionary purpose.

Sunday was a little disappointing but also successful. Caroline and Anthony both showed up. Caroline left after Sacrament but seemed to have had a good time. Anthony stayed for the entire block, and he loved it. He absorbed everything.

Anthony is a guy we met a few weeks ago that disappeared for a while. We started teaching him this week. He is very accepting and loves to learn. It can be a challenge to teach him because he enjoys talking but he accepted to get baptized, so we are working hard with him.

Love you all, listen to the Spirit and be good this coming New Years.

Elder Vierkant

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