Monday, January 26, 2015

Semana sesenta y ocho!

Week 68 of 101 (12/29-1/4)

We had a great week this week. It was probably one of the fastest weeks in my life. First of all, on Wednesday, I got to go with Elder Withers from Bullet Tree because our companions had to go to Belize City for a district leader meeting. It was pretty fun, we got to teach a few new investigators, one of whom trains with the Belize national soccer team. We also met an extremely muscular man with his shirt off walking down the street singing hymns at the top of his lungs. He stopped us and preached a short sermon to us, which included a little game where he would start quoting a scripture and we had finish it. Being New Years, were told to go in a bit early for our safety.
Thursday we had a great zone meeting. The zone leaders had a us blow up a ton of balloons and then had a us try to keep them up in the air. When it was just one balloon that we had up in the air, it was really easy, but as they added more, we started dropping some. They then compared it to how we set a lot of goals, especially at the beginning of the New Year. But we often set too many and we can't focus on them. It was a great lesson and has helped me set a few New Years resolutions and so far (I know it hasn't been long) I have been doing pretty well. Finding people to teach that day was a little hard as a lot of them were resting and recovering from New Years Eve.
On Friday we didn't have much to do either. We mostly just set return appointments for Saturday.We taught Anthony about the Book of Mormon and how it was brought forth to help end the Great Apostasy. He started to understand that a lot of the things that he had been reading before didn't have a lot of truth in them and so far he has loved reading the Book of Mormon.
On Saturday we had a great day. We were able to finally teach Hieke again after not having seen her for almost a week. She was really positive about everything and it seemed like she was back on track after the holidays. We were also able to talk to Jessica, whose boyfriend is a member. They committed to get married and she accepted baptism for this month and they have already started the papers for everything! I am super excited for them.
Sunday was a bit rough. Hieke and Anthony weren't able to make it to church. Fortunately, Jessica did make it, which was fantastic. We had a great Gospel Principles class with her and the senior missionaries. Afterwards we went teaching with Brother Moody, who is just a fantastic member of the church. He has such a strong testimony and is so willing to fulfill his calling.
Today, we went to some Mayan ruins by the Guatemalan border. They were incredible. I will try to send some more pictures next time.
The Church is true and the Book of Mormon too!
Elder Vierkant

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