Monday, February 24, 2014

La vigésimo tercera semana!

Hola mis amigos,
Wow, I really can not believe that this week is over. It flew by like a peregrine falcon diving for the kill. That is the best analogy I can come up with on the FLY. I think it might be because we are working as hard as we possibly can. We contact like nobody's business, at this point I feel like talking to a complete stranger about the gospel is the same as talking to my best friends, really easy. We keep finding new investigators because we will teach anyone who will listen. Our problem at this point is that everyone will listen, but we can't find those who will DO. We visit 10 houses every Sunday morning, but no one will come to church and everyone is scared to pray about what we teach. But we try to have as much patience as we can and show the saviors love. The people here love the Lord, they are really misguided sometimes. For example, most people think that the Catholic church was directly founded by Christ, when in reality it was founded 300 years after he died. I also talked with a man who told us Christ wasn't murdered and that he just died for our sins. All I could think of saying was "Well, Brother, he certainly didn't crucify himself!"
All in all it is going great out here and I am really excited for the future. I think we will have a lot of success in our area. We are reopening the area, so we started with nothing. The members are super helpful and we can always go out with them and they show us where the good investigators are. I was a bit scared to ask for help from them in the beginning, so we are just barely seeing the fruits of working with members.
This week I did some pretty cool stuff. We went to the volcano of San Salvador. I also milked a cow in the morning. That was weird. Heads up, I am learning to play harmonica, so I will be pretty cool when I get back.
Elder Vierkant






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