Monday, February 10, 2014

La vigésimo primera semana!

Hola mi amigos!

I got to say this week was a ton of fun. Our area is starting to warm up, in both ways. At 6:30 in the morning it is 80 degrees and its cold. In the day time it is like 95 degrees of pure wrath of sun beating your skin with a whip. We make it fun. I am starting to get a nice watch tan, which I would already have, but I was taking my watch off and putting it in my belt loop. Then I decided my watch tan would make a nice picture, which would help you understand how well the sun works here. It is all worth it, because it is the only way we can get fresh mandarin oranges all day, along with avocado, marañón (the fruit that makes cashews) and other fruits. It really is like the classic Central America country side; poor in worldly things, but rich in the sense of nature and beauty. Sometimes, when we are hiking the dirt roads and we get to a turn in the road, we have to stop and admire all the creations of the Lord. I will send pictures next week.

The other way that our area is warming up is the work. We have been working hard, looking for people to teach. We talk with everyone and teach anyone that we can. And, for the most part, our work is showing some fruits. We haven't had a baptism yet or had people in church for two weeks, but people are starting to let us in their houses. We have about 5 positive investigators which is a lot better than last week. We have one investigator, Leonardo, who is preparing himself to be baptized and he knows the church is true, he just needs to finish preparing. We also gave a man named Virigilioa a Book of Mormon and visited him a week later and he had already read to the Book of Omni. Maria Lourdes told us after the first lesson that she thinks the Book of Mormon is true and has read only 7 chapters. It is really satisfying to see even just a little bit of success. We will keep working as hard we can, because we can really see the blessings!

I have to say at this point that with all the work that we have been doing, I have hardly any free time, and slowly it has consumed all my thoughts. All I can think about is how we can work better, how we can help the people and I sometimes forget to think about home. I can say with assurity that I don't want this to end for a while.

One Direction music video in the cyber café we are in, got to go. ;)


Elder Vierkant

(Missed these pics from last week.)



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