Thursday, December 4, 2014

Semana de sesenta y dos!

Week 62 of 101 (11/17-11/23)

Gud evnin,

So, after the going to the ruins last week, we started an interchange with the zone leaders. Because it is expensive to travel back and forth between the island and Belize city a lot, the interchanges last a few days, Thus, Elder Kipisi was with us on the island until Thursday morning, when we went to zone meeting.

The first night, I went on interchanges in Elder Fords area. We had some really great lessons, getting to know some really positive people. We also just had a ton of fun.

On Tuesday, I went with Elder Kapisi in my area. It was a bit of a rough day. For one, both of our bikes broke, so we had to go to the bike shop twice, we were in a rain storm most of the day and pretty much every single appointment fell through, and we also had to go in at six because they are celebrating Garifuna day this week. But on the whole, it was a great day because we met a lot of positive people contacting. Elder Kapisi is a great missionary: he knows what his pupose is, he is very obedient and he works hard.

The rest of the week went really well. We taught a lot of positive new people, and we ended up committing lots of people to church, including less actives. However, come Sunday, not one of those people showed up. luckily some members brought some friends to church and we were able meet them and hopefully we will be teaching them this week.

Elder Vierkant

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