Sunday, November 2, 2014

Semana de cincuenta y ocho!

Week 58 of 101 (10/20-10/26)


Another great week. What is not to love when you are a missionary that also happens to be in Belize?

This week had some notable experiences. First of all, we have been able to start visiting Alejandra and Carlos a lot more this week. They are awesome. They are from El Salvador. They had met some missionaries in El Salvador but had moved to Belize. We got introduced to them by the Lee family (who have no relation to my companion.)

Carlos is struggling with several strong addictions, but this man is fighting like a lion. He is great. He really understands that the Lord is working in his life and he is willing to work along side the Lord to make the changes necessary in his life. He is so willing to do the Lords will even if it is hard. To give you an example, during third hour, we had a combined class between all of the adults and they were talking about assignments to clean the chapel. This man stood up  and offered of his talents and his time to help out in the church, on only his second Sunday there. He is a shining example for everyone.

A lot of amazing things happened this week but I will have to be short. This week we ended up having to go to Belize City twice, once to start getting my work permit and a second time to go to Belmopan, the capital, so that Elder Lee can get his papers ready to go back to El Salvador. Yes, Elder Lee is leaving me, but it has been a great change, though short. We also got a tour of a lot of Belize because we were in the car with the senior couple as they took care of other things.

I love Belize. I love the Gospel. I love the Lord.

Elder Vierkant

Golden Coral...Belize style!

Early morning boat ride to Belize City.

Awesome red bird! Is there an ornithologist out there that can identify the species?

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