Tuesday, May 13, 2014

El trigésimo tercer y trigésimo cuarto semanas!

Week 33

¿Què tal?

In summary, this week was great. First of all, we were able to finally meet the dad of a little girl that we are teaching with an inactive mom. He is a little bit hard to find but we were lucky because he was going to take his daughter to the hospital but the doctor canceled. We asked permission to baptize his daughter, when she is prepared and he said "yes." Now the only obstacle is to get the mom to church. Quick little story about this family, the dad tricked the mom into marrying him by bringing a lawyer that they were friends with and two witnesses who were friends to make the marriage legal. She thought she was taking out some other random legal document.

Anyways, we had interchanges this Saturday and I went with another Elder in my district to his area. He is newish in his area and we just walked around completely lost all day talking to the most nuts people. I didn`t stop laughing all day because it was just so ridiculous. I drank some coconut water straight from the coconut, we had a huge tropical storm. We also met some people that are from Italy and have Italian accents in Spanish. They also just speak Italian to each other which is awesome.

Saturday, Elder Larsen, one of the assistant's to the president and Elder Steenhoek, one of  zone leaders came to our area to help us with one of the investigators. I went with Elder Larsen to teach The Rivera family. It was an incredible experience. Elder Larsen really brought the spirit to the lesson and taught in a way that was super easy to understand with awesome questions. It just blew me away. The family could really feel it too and Carla said she would get baptized the 17th, which is super awesome because she had been saying no to baptism in general.

This Sunday we had Veronica, Carla and Daniela in church. Raquel wasn`t able to make it to church because she was at a funeral thing all night. After church we taught Daniela, who wants to get baptized, we just need her moms signature. We then had a mission correlation meeting that ended up taking two hours and we taught the Rivera family with Hermano Cook (His grandpa is from Wyoming.) All  in all, it was a really good week.

Just do it,

Elder Vierkant


Week 34 

Querido Todos,

This week was super awesome. The first thing I want to say Is " Happy Mothers day" To all the mothers. It was super awesome talking to the family through video and I hope they enjoyed talking with me. Sorry that I forgot English.

Yester day we had a baptism! It was super awesome. Veronica is just the coolest lady every and she has been super faithful from the moment I met her. I hope she can always remember her baptism because it is the marking point on her journey to return to live with her Heavenly Father in happiness.

I would also like to congratulate Transito, he got the Aaronic priest hood this Sunday and should be baptizing his daughter this next Saturday, if all goes as planned. Transito is all the missionaries favorite guy. She is such a stud. He always wants to learn, is always reading and wants to share and answer questions and a super happy guy.

We celebrated Mothers day with the Rivera Family yesterday, We basically had to because all our investigators who are all family were there. We met the cutest little kids in the world, less my family. We had carne asada and cake and it was just super awesome.

Paz hacia fuera!

Elder Vierkant

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